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Guiding your brand to new heights

Since 1992, Dobies Healthcare Group has specialized in helping healthcare companies build healthy brands – and now, we’ve packaged a quarter-century of brand-building expertise into one innovative product. brand scout+ is an in-depth exploration of your current brand position, including consumer and employee perceptions of your brand and competing brands. From there, brand scout+ illuminates new opportunities for brand differentiation and guides your team through a proven, step-by-step process that successfully unveils your new brand strategy.

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Discover the power of brand scout+
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Built from our philosophy that your brand is determined by your actions, brand scout+ helps you:

  • Discover how internal and external stakeholders perceive your brand
  • Reveal new differentiators that align brand attributes with company culture
  • Understand the many components of your brand identity and how well they integrate
  • Gain leadership buy-in and employee adoption of a new or enhanced brand strategy
  • Reposition your organization from the inside-out with new approaches to internal communication, creative advertising and all customer-facing touch points

Insights from brand scout+ help redefine differentiators, invigorate key messages, rally your team around a brand promise, and execute an authentic brand experience that makes positive emotional connections with customers. Uniquely designed by healthcare marketers for healthcare marketers, brand scout+ is your source for essential information to guide your brand strategy.

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