Healthcare Branding

No one understands the fundamental role of a healthcare company’s brand more than us. We are experts in building healthcare brands, and we don’t stop there. Like all our clients, you can count on us to uphold and elevate the integrity of your brand in everything we do. Brand building is a continuous journey, and we’re committed to helping you every step of the way.

At Dobies Healthcare Group, we believe your brand is what you do. It is a strategic point of view and the sum of all experiences your customers have when they are exposed to your products, services and messages. Many organizations confuse brand with corporate identity elements like trademarks, logos and taglines. But clients who entrust their brand development to us know their brand is an intangible asset that resides in people’s hearts and minds.

We help you build an authentic brand by making sure the brand promise (communication) always intersects with the brand experience (company operations). Because we go beyond the basics to include advanced services like brand audits and seamlessly executed brand strategies, we are uniquely qualified to help you ensure a long and healthy life for your brand.

Logo: Health Plan of San JoaquinHEALTH PLAN OF SAN JOAQUIN

To help executives at Health Plan of San Joaquin understand the impact of expansion on the brand, and what differentiators were necessary to effectively compete in the new marketplace, we conducted a comprehensive brand audit. First, we identified current stakeholder awareness, perception and preference of HPSJ, as well as its competitors and their products. Our internal and external research studies informed the Brand Audit and shaped the foundation for HPSJ’s current and future strategic intention, or brand platform. We then led leadership through collaborative brand strategy using our proprietary brand framework. Leadership gained a deep understanding of the organization’s current brand positioning and new brand attributes necessary for successful expansion.

Healthcare BrandingST. MARY’S HEALTH CENTER

When St. Mary’s identified brand differentiation as a key marketing imperative, they called on us to create a brand development plan that leveraged the hospital’s high-quality positioning in the local market. We based our Brand Plan on extensive research – including an assessment of current brand attributes for St. Mary’s and its competitors – a consumer image study, in-depth interviews with external and internal stakeholders, SWOT and demographic analyses, and an online employee brand survey. Our recommendations underscored the importance of investing in culture to deliver on the brand promise.

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