Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Healthcare is constantly evolving, and we’re here to help you navigate the nuances of an ever-changing healthcare market. When you need clarity, we leverage the power of information. From market research and consumer insights to competitive studies and more, we dive deep into data and emerge with integrated marketing strategies that reach your targets with pinpoint precision.

We always lead with strategy. When others jump straight into creative execution because a CEO or physician demands it, we work with senior leadership to encourage strategy first and foremost. We know clever advertising alone rarely produces sustainable results, so we produce creative campaigns that build on the brand promise, align with your organization’s strategic priorities, and make you stand out from the competition. We help you execute your go-to-market strategy with confidence.


As marketing partners with Decision Strategies International, we closely examined potential, opportunities and market forces, and we developed a comprehensive Marketing and Positioning Strategy (maps+) for the cancer center. As with all maps+ projects, we supplied dashboard metrics, an in-depth market share analysis, competitive and satellite service reviews, recommended positioning strategies, strategic marketing imperatives, and operational considerations.

Healthcare Marketing StrategyLAWRENCE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL

To drive loyalty, revenue and physician engagement, we developed a three-year marketing plan for LMH that connects closely with the hospital’s strategic priorities. Using data to shape marketing imperatives and focus on service lines positioned for growth, we support LMH with planning and execution. With a strategic marketing plan guiding our execution, we promote LMH service lines like oncology, cardiology, maternity and others. We work closely with LMH to protect the hospital’s brand and ensure operations align with messaging, and we measure success by gains in market share and consumer awareness.


After completing a brand audit for NATCO, we facilitated a two-day strategic planning session with the organization’s leadership. The goal: establishing an organization-wide commitment to brand-building and improved marketing communications as key components of the new three to five year strategic plan. During the session, we helped NATCO executives rewrite the organization’s mission and vision to reflect the brand promise. We renewed leadership’s commitment to the trade name and led the Board of Directors in developing first year strategies and tactics for its new plan.

For smart marketing and positioning strategies that drive growth and brand equity, discover maps+, an innovative product that combines real-time information with decades of healthcare marketing experience.