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Two Dobies Healthcare Group Clients Bring Home National Healthcare Advertising Awards

KANSAS CITY, MO – Dobies Healthcare Group and our clients competed in the 32nd Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards, announced on April 24, 2015. We submitted two campaigns and each won! Not bad odds given more than 3,500 entries were submitted, making this the largest healthcare advertising competition in the United States and Canada. Winning campaigns were selected for excellence in creativity, quality, message effectiveness, consumer appeal, graphic design and overall impact. Many thanks to our great clients and exceptionally creative collaborators!

Hot for my Body adGOLD AWARD: ‘Hot for My Body’ Campaign for Midwest Transplant Network
Award Category: Health Promotion

This provocative campaign raised awareness of the need for organ donation in Kansas and Missouri with messaging and graphics designed to change the public’s perceptions of organ donors. As for results, the campaign exceeded industry standards and Midwest Transplant Network was pleased with the ROI.

“Our objective was to raise awareness that anyone can be a potential donor,” says Diane Morgan, Content Development Manager at Dobies Healthcare Group. “We went with eye-catching headlines and visuals to help dispel the myth that some people are too young, too old, or too unhealthy for the donor registry.” That’s an important message to spread – and spread widely – so the campaign includes posters, brochures, radio and digital ads, a unique campaign landing page, social media advertising, and more.

Update: The Midwest Transplant Network campaign was also named Judge’s Choice in this year’s Aster Awards, one of only eight campaigns to receive this recognition for excellence in healthcare marketing and advertising in 2015.

LMH_MegansJour_AD4_500x500_v2MERIT AWARD:Megan’s Journal,’ a breast cancer campaign for Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Award Category: Total Ad Campaign without TV

Megan’s Journal followed a real patient’s journey through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment at LMH, detailing the struggles she overcame to become a cancer survivor. The campaign also won an Emerald Award from the Kansas Association of Health Care Communicators late last year. Campaign elements include the Megan’s Journal blog, print and digital ads, radio spots, and billboards.

“As a designer, I don’t always have the privilege of working directly with patients for ad campaigns,” says Shelly Searles, Creative Services Manager at Dobies Healthcare Group. “That wasn’t the case with this project – Megan is a real patient who shared her compelling journey to cancer survivorship with us. Putting her at the center of creative infuses more emotion and authenticity, making the campaign more powerful.”

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