The lifecare platform strategy connects community partners in a virtual, consumer-centric ecosystem.

The Rise of Consumerism in Healthcare Calls for a New Strategic Platform

New Executive Briefing Explores the “Lifecare Model” for Health Systems and Health Plans

Kansas City, Mo. – June 20, 2017 – In a merging of the minds between strategy experts for health systems and health plans, Dobies Healthcare Group and HealthScape Advisors have co-authored a white paper called, “The Emerging Lifecare Model: How Consumerism is Driving Industry Collaboration Toward Health and Lifecare as a New Strategic Platform.”

The paper, which was released today, outlines four broad shifts in the rapidly evolving U.S. healthcare industry and discusses how these changes will lead to demand for a new model of care, which the authors call “lifecare.” In this innovative model, consumers and suppliers of comprehensive health services form collaborative partnerships – with each other and with other community-based organizations – to meet the continuum of consumer needs related to staying healthy over time, thereby creating healthier populations.

It is a platform strategy for healthcare – a seamless, single domain for consumers to access services across an intricately connected ecosystem of organizations that play a role in promoting physical, emotional/behavioral and even spiritual health. The paper’s authors suggest the collaborative lifecare platform strategy not only represents an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on individual and population health, it also paves the way for future success in today’s increasingly consumer-driven healthcare industry.

“Engaging people in their desire to remain healthy – beyond just treating them when they are not – is the newest requirement for sustainability,” said Julie Amor, Chief Strategy Officer at Dobies Healthcare Group. “Lifecare is about inspiring and supporting decisions that encourage healthy lives, which means the focus on health must put the consumer at the center, and extend far beyond traditional healthcare delivery and financing systems.”

From a consumer perspective, lifecare engages those with chronic and acute needs, as well as those who are healthy yet desire engagement to maintain a healthy lifestyle. From a supplier perspective, it engages traditional providers that represent services typically included in employer medical benefits, as well as those that provide services outside of typical medical benefits but cater to the growing demand of consumerism.

Going forward, leaders at Dobies Healthcare Group and HealthScape Advisors say companies must overcome the mindset that views organizations with similar missions as competitors to instead become collaborators, joining together on behalf of the consumer to provide community-based health and life services.

“Embracing a lifecare-centric model provides the opportunity for organizations to redefine their engagement model with consumers to create long-term sustainability,” said Arjun Aggarwal, Managing Partner at HealthScape Advisors.

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